Due to a medical indisposition, Fraser is currently not taking any bookings. Rest assured - he’ll be back!

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Fraser Nimmo Live at the Brasenose Fringe Festival - Thursday, August 12th 2021

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Fairport's Cropredy Convention may have been postponed for another year, but the Brasenose Fringe Festival is still going ahead with four days of music, starting every day at 11.00am and featuring a wide range of artists - including many who have played on the main festival stage in the past.

Fraser writes: "I am delighted to have been asked to play at the Brasenose as part of the 'Festival Fringe'. My bit is two sets between 6.00pm and 8.00pm on Thursday, 12th of August. I suspect there will be a surprising number of people there as Cropredy in August is very habit-forming. I personally have missed only one year since 1990. I hope to miss no more - until I am missing them all!

Breathes there a fan with soul so dead
Who never to themselves has said:
This is my own, my annual bash
For which I save my hard-earned cash
To lark and frolic with 'The Boys'
Drink in the music, sup the beer
See special pals from year to year
And sing some special songs
We stagger home from each fine fest
Knowing it was yet the best
This year we coast to save the future
Next year will be normal
I hope that suits ya!"

(With apologies to Walter Scott, all of his family and all other minstrels).

"Fraser Nimmo's self-effacing humour and presentation belie a serious songwriter who delights in both aspects of his craft " - Ralph McTell

Fraser Nimmo is a Scottish singer, songwriter and actor who combines traditional songs with his own material in an organic melange of Celtic musicality.

His songs cover the whole gamut of human experience and are delivered with flair, wit, compassion and serious digital dexterity on guitar and banjo. Essentially a serious songwriter who has been known to raise more than the occasional eyebrow, glass, roof, chuckle and consciousness, he treats his own material with the same conviction that he brings to music from the Scottish tradition, believing both music forms to be inter-related and complimentary. He travels hither and yon singing songs of love, hate, loss, injustice, fear, outrage, bewilderment and Scotland!

Tours of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, The Middle East, Canada, and The Canary Islands, appearances at many festivals, - including Cambridge and Edinburgh and being invited to be Fairport Convention's special guest on their mammoth 30th anniversary tour of Britain have contributed to Fraser's reputation as being one of Scotland's furthest travelled and best loved musical ambassadors.

“Fraser Nimmo was a super opening act on one of our lengthy winter UK tours. Right from his opening song he had the audience in the palm of his hand and joining in on the choruses in true folk tradition. Lovely songs and banter and nice guitar playing too. If you get the chance to see him do.”
Dave Pegg, Fairport Convention

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