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Fraser started in the business as a stagehand at Dundee Repertory Theatre while he was still at school. He's appeared in many STV, Grampian and BBC Scotland shows in 1970s and 1980s and was seen more recently in Stephen Poliakoff's Friends and Crocodiles (2006) and Channel 4's short film Parliamo Glasgow (2009); in both he shared lines with the principal actor. Other credits include:

The Bill, Nickelodeon, Goodbye Cruel World (ITV)
Trust, Mosley (Carlton)
White Teeth, Greeneyed Monster (Channel 4)
EastEnders, Call Me Mister, Moonlighting, Family Tree, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and 15 Stories High (BBC)
Mile High, Dream Team (SKY)
Family Affairs (FIVE)
Musi Visa (Finnish TV)

"Although I've been a singer-songwriter for many years and produced six solo albums, there's a comedic edge in a lot of what I do which involves elements of stand-up. Lines and their delivery are my stock-in-trade."
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Special Skills

  • Singer, expert folk guitarist and banjo player.
  • All Scottish / Irish / London accents.
  • Very strong swimmer.
  • Full driving license.
  • Vital statistics: 5ft 11, 40 chest, 32 waist, 31 inside leg, 11 stones, very fit.
  • Master's Degree in Theology from St. Andrews.
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