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This latest collection of 12 marvellous original and traditional songs is a wonderful celebration of the human spirit and features Ian Bolens on all manner of stringed instruments.
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  1. Over The Road Bridge
  2. Cianalas
  3. The Road To Dundee
  4. Hollywood Queen
  5. Time On My Hands
  6. Love Lies
  7. Lovely You
  8. Mockbarock
  9. The Crystal Spirit
  10. Never Change Your Style
  11. Mrs Campbell
  12. Sing Till I Die

Best Of Five

Twenty tracks, nearly 80 minutes of music, this is a musical snapshot of Fraser's last five albums and also includes some classic live cuts, including Fairport Convention's version of Retreat From Santa Ponsa.
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  1. Time On My Hands
  2. Pain Of The Road
  3. Rough And Rowdy Ways
  4. Over The Road Bridge
  5. The Road Tae Dundee
  6. Nothing Of Love
  7. Lament For John Smith
  8. Cianalas
  9. The Very Best Of Friends
  10. The Crystal Spirit
  11. Ae Fond Kiss
  12. What Am I Doing Here Blues?
  13. Any Spare Change?
  14. Lovely You
  15. Heavy Weather
  16. No Goodbyes To Say
  17. Never Change Your Style
  18. Retreat From Santa Ponsa
  19. Loch Lomond
  20. Sing Till I Die

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